Miss B


I’m Miss B. 20-something Australian. Lawyer. Living in a tiny apartment with my husband, Tim.

I have lots of hobbies.

When I was a kid, I read a lot. When I was a teen, I spent a lot of time making websites (I used to own a collective of websites under the domain immortalised.net), playing video games, watching anime. I grew up and had to do grown-up things like “getting a job” and I somehow ended up in law. It’s nice, interesting work, but it really cuts into hobby time. I read less, finished fewer games, and stopped making websites. But I managed to picked up new hobbies and watched more movies.

In terms of genres, I love sci-fi and some fantasy. I can’t get enough of satire, absurdist comedy and black comedy. Drama tends to absolutely bore me. I have a fascination with horror, but I am a major scaredy-cat that would “nope” as soon as a horror movie starts, usually the horror movie that I insisted on seeing. Hooray for documentaries, especially about space.

I tend to like jumping feet first into new things, but I do get distracted pretty easily. I love seafood, ramen and dumplings, but not really fan of chocolate. Give me a cup of tea and bagel in the morning and I’m ready to go.


This is a blog about my interests. I have lots of them, and I want a place to share, discuss, ponder and rant about said interests. Sometimes I talk about my life too.

This blog doesn’t make me money, nor do I intend for it to. No SEO stuff for me please, ick. I didn’t create it to further my career (in fact, I want to keep it as separate from my “real” life as possible) or to improve my writing. It’s just a place for me to house my thoughts, a tiny soapbox that broadcasts my ramblings to those who happen to pass by.


I spent a great deal of my teen years blogging (before it was cool, literally! Like, before “blogging” was a thing!) about all sorts of things. My interests, life, friends etc. These days, my day-to-day life is too mundane to write about, but every once in a while I wish that I had a platform again to ponder and discuss things that I’ve seen, or played or done. Somewhere a little more “me” than facebook or twitter. Narcissistic I know!

Why the name? My favourite anime, Cowboy Bebop, was on my mind when I was coming up with this blog. I had originally wanted to name the blog after “Cosmic Dare”, one of my favourite songs from the Cowboy Bebop OST.  However, on suggestion from Tim, I settled for “Cosmic B”, “B” being the first letter of my name. Short, sweet and personal!  The tag-line comes from the song Tank!, which is also part of the Cowboy Bebop’s extensive soundtrack.

That, and space is just damn cool.


I started blogging on 1 December 2001 and had kept at it (on and off) until 6 January 2010, soon after which I closed a network of sites I had run for 10 odd years. Since the closure, the urge to restart the blog came and went, but life got in the way.

Years later, at what was a stable, zen part of my adult life, I thought it was high time to start anew. So on a cold, Saturday, 3 May 2014, this site officially launched.


I used to be quite good at making layouts (for an amateur, self-taught teen) and prided in coding everything in Notepad.  By the time I started this blog, my HTML/CSS/PHP skills have all but vanished, along with my Photoshop skills.  Mad props for the beautiful Duena theme, which is what the current layout is based on, with only minor tweaks by me, including updating the background to make it more “spacey”.